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What is growth hormone, how to take, dosages, combinations, side effects, jintropin, ansomon, neotropin

side effects

What is growth hormone, how to take, dosages, combinations, side effects, jintropin, ansomon, neotropin

Growth hormone, also called somatotropin, is produced by the pituitary gland. Its release reaches its highest concentration during adolescence, which leads to tissue growth, protein synthesis and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. In a later period, growth hormone production is suppressed. Growth hormone acts in the body as a compound of 191 amino acids. The hormone was first synthesized by scientists for therapeutic purposes, mainly for the treatment of hypophysis of the pituitary gland. May be an effective drug in the treatment of dwarfism.

The growing popularity of growth hormone among athletes in recent years is due to a number of effects of its use. Growth hormone stimulates the growth of most body tissues, mainly by increasing the number of cells, rather than their size. This also applies to the skeletal muscles, without affecting the eyeballs, brain or other organs. The transport of amino acids is also improved, as is protein synthesis. These effects are due anadrol in bodybuilding the anadrol in to the action of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), a powerful anabolic hormone produced in the liver and other tissues..

Growth hormone itself provokes the hydrolysis of triglycerides in adipose tissue, which leads to significant fat burning during the use of GH. Growth hormone accelerates the metabolism, glucose in the liver and blocks the action of insulin on tissue. Therefore, during the use of growth hormone, fatty acids become the main source of energy for the body, from there the burning of subcutaneous fat occurs..

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side effects

Stimulation of growth processes also applies to connective tissues, cartilage and tendons. The use of the hormone reduces the risk of injury while working with heavy weights and increases the effectiveness of training. GH supplementation can be a great solution for professional athletes as it is not detectable by doping tests. Despite the fact that GR is a prohibited agent, no effective methods have been found to detect it. This makes it a popular remedy among bodybuilders, weightlifters and track and field athletes..

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The level of effectiveness of the use of GR has become a topic for discussion among professionals and athletes performing. They magnify it as the “holy grail” of anabolic steroids, providing remarkable results – muscle mass gain in combination with fat burning, resulting in phenomenal proportions of modern bodybuilders.

It is important to determine for yourself that the effect is observed at high dosages, which athletes do not adhere to due to lack of finance. If you do not use high dosages, then the effect will be more prophylactic than pronounced. The most effective is the combination of growth hormone with anabolic steroids. During GH therapy, the body requires more of the hormone insulin and androgens. The addition of these pharmacological agents significantly increases the return on the course.

A productive solution is a combination of growth hormone jintropin and powerful androgens like testosterone or trenbolone. Androgen increases the size of muscle cells, and growth hormone increases their number.

How Much Protein?

How to take growth hormone It is effective to place GH injections under the skin in the abdomen. In order to maintain health, dosages of 10-15 IU can be observed daily. Divide the dosage into several parts – put in the morning and after training. Some people determine for themselves the optimal time to use before bed, but in this case we do not get the effect of the actually produced growth hormone. The plus here is full recovery during sleep. The cycle time can be 3 months. For greater effect, of course, they put growth hormone and anabolic steroids together. In this case, on the course, the athlete uses high dosages of the hormone in the amount of 24-30 IU when gaining weight and drying.

Growth hormone and steroid combinations To summarize all of the above, you can only expect a significant effect of growth hormone when planning moderately high dosages used for a long time (several months).

As for the rapid growth of muscle mass, growth hormone is only an assistant in combinations with powerful anabolic steroids and androgens – testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, jointer, trenbolone, nandrolone. Also on the mass include growth hormone, testover C, deca durabolin, trainer, danabol. A bunch of testosterone enanthate, growth hormone jintropin and nandrolone phenylpropionate will give significant muscle gain and have a positive effect on the health of joints and ligaments.

Growth hormone for drying is complemented by such 4 chlorodehydromethyltestosterone super-burning combinations as stanozolol and trebolone. Clenbuterol-ver also goes over the counter boldenone side effects the top boldenone on the there. Well growth hormone Ansomon goes as an anti-catabolic at the exit from the course and on the bridges. Ansomon is complemented by Primobol, Masteron, Stauver and Trainer – the combinations go according to the goals and stages of preparation. For functional sports, the use of oxandrolone and growth hormone is recommended. Ansomon can be replaced with popular high-end brands – jintropin and neotropin.

Growth hormone and side effects The most discussed side effects are the body’s response to excess growth hormone, expressed in an increase in the nose, hands, feet, bones and internal organs, etc. In fact, these phenomena are extremely rare in practice and do not occur in reality. Even if we look at professional bodybuilders who overestimate the dosage of growth hormone by several tens of times, we will not see those ailments that are attributed to the side effects of the hormone. For the most part, high quality growth hormone, like jintropin, ansomone or neotropin, refers to safe drugs that increase the athlete’s capabilities without clearly manifesting negative consequences. In case of unpleasant sensations from the use of GH, you just need to cancel the therapy.

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